Professional Tips on Stripping Your Floors

One way to make your floors look amazing is by stripping them. But what’s the best way to go about this if you want to do it yourself? Here are some professional tips to follow when stripping your floors.

First, always follow recommended manufacturers dilution of the stripping solution you buy; it’s important to remember that stronger is not always better. The stripping solution must contain some water to be effective and emulsify the old floor finish properly.

Allow the floor stripping solution to penetrate the old floor wax and finish for several minutes (5 -10 preferably) before scrubbing. For heavy buildup and extremely aged finishes, you may have to apply more floor stripper to the floor as the stripping solution becomes saturated with old loosened wax and finish.

To check if the floor is ready for scrubbing, scrape the finish film with the center section of an agressive floor pad or scrapper/putty knife. Black floor scrubbing pads are ideal for use when top scrubbing or stripping floors. (Be sure you are wearing rubber gloves.) If you easily scrape the loosened old floor wax / finish down to the bare floor, it is has emulsified and is now ready to scrub. If the pad scrapes only a slippery layer of finish, then you need more dwell time or more stripper solution.

One very important tip to remember is that you should generously apply plenty of mixed stripping solution to the floor. Many beginners commonly make the mistake of not doing so, thus the floor not getting the room or area it needs to suspend the dirty old floor wax / finish to be removed from the floor. In addition, not enough stripping solution will also cause the floor to dry faster which is not good.  You will need time to work, scrub and then remove the dirty water off the floor by wet mopping or vacuuming the dirty solution. Next would be to give the floor a final rinse. If the floor begins to dry before this cleanup and rinse, you’ll have to repeat the procedure and reactivate your stripping solution.

Routine floor stripping is no longer necessary when you’re using a good floor finish and wax when following good maintenance procedures. Excessive floor stripping can damage floors as well as increase product and labor costs. It is necessary to use floor strippers only when you want to:

-Removing heavy floor polish and wax buildups.

-Removing polish and wax with burnished in dirt that cannot be removed by deep scrubbing.

-Removing factory coatings from new tile flooring.

However the best advice for stripping floors will always stay the same: hire a professional. They will always do it right the first time, and they will always do it fastest since they’ve got the procedure down-pat. Between the cost of the chemicals and tools and the time it will take away from your life, especially if you need to re-do a step, it usually tends to cost less to have a professional do it.

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