How to Reduce Your Summer Energy Bills in 5 Simple Steps

As summer temperatures rise, it’s not uncommon for utility bills to do the same.

Cutting down on costs by investing some time into making your business operations more efficient and eco-friendly definitely has its perks—saving on your energy bills can allow you to put money toward helping your business grow. Additionally, you can help improve your public standing by showing you care about things bigger than just your personal success; most consumers want to support green businesses.

So, what can you do to help decrease the amount of money you’re spending on your company’s energy bills? It’s simple! Even the smallest changes can have you reaping benefits in no time.

Change lighting

Switching from traditional incandescent light bulbs to energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs can result in savings that will add up over time. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, CFL bulbs use 75 percent less energy and can save you about $30 in energy costs over the life of just one bulb.

Why? CFL bulbs use at least two-thirds less energy than standard bulbs, but provide the same amount of light. Not to mention, they last up to 10 times longer! Because they generate about 70 percent less heat, CFLs are safer to operate, and switching can reduce the energy costs associated with cooling your office.

Clean filters

In order for your air conditioning system to run as efficiently and inexpensively as possible, it’s imperative that you clean your filters regularly!

Dirty filters can significantly block airflow, ultimately reducing your system’s efficiency. If your normal airflow is obstructed, air will bypass the filter and may carry dirt directly into the system’s evaporator coil and impair the coil’s heat-absorbing capacity. Cleaning your filter can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by up to 15 percent in the warmer months.

For central air conditioners, filters are generally located along the return duct’s length while room air conditioners have filters mounted into the grills. It’s important to inspect your filter to make sure it fits properly. Whether you have a reusable or disposable filter, clean or replace your system’s filters once a month.


Just as insulation keeps your building warm in the winter, it can help keep your office cool during the summer. By keeping outdoor heat from traveling through poor insulation and into cooler indoor spaces, you can potentially reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 20 percent, according to Energy Star.

If you’re going to insulate in just one place, look up. If you have an attic in your building, it’s important to keep in mind that attic temperatures can rise up to 140° or higher in the summer. Proper insulation can stop that heat from radiating downward and into your office.

Most insulation companies can complete an energy audit to help identify the efficiency of your current insulation. Take time to discuss your options with your contractor to decide what type of insulation is best suited for your building—spray foam, blown cellulose or batted insulation.

Shade windows

Unlike proper insulation, shades and blinds won’t actually stop hot air from flowing into your building, but they, too, can play a huge role in saving energy!

Interior blinds and drapes or curtains can reduce heat gain. Although their effectiveness varies greatly depending on the type of fabric or material, color and backing, properly shaded windows can reduce heat gain by approximately 45 percent. On hot days, close blinds or curtains over windows that receive direct sunlight and save!

Turn off lights and electronics

How many times have you walked past the conference or break room only to see the lights blazing and no one in there? Take a second to turn off the lights in rooms that aren’t in use and encourage your employees to do the same. Don’t forget to turn off lights office-wide when you leave for the day, so you’re not wasting money by paying for electricity that you’re not using.


Likewise, powering off computers at night or when you leave for the day is another easy way to save energy in the office. Not many people are aware of how much energy a computer consumes when it’s turned on, let alone left on all day and night, not to mention the extra heat it generates into your building!

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