7 Tips for Staying Healthy in the Workplace

Tips to a Healthy Workplace

Germs and bacteria can show up in some pretty unexpected places. Whether you realize it or not, you’re exposed to millions each and every day—and the workplace is no exception!

If you pay close attention, there always seems to be someone at work with a cough, runny nose or the dreaded stomach virus. You might also notice that these people have higher absentee rates!

Despite the seemingly incessant nature of germs and bacteria, there are a handful of things you can do to make sure you stay healthy in the workplace.

1. Stay hydrated.

Most people are unaware of this, but your chance of getting sick increases if you’re dehydrated. Make sure that you drink at least 64 ounces (8 cups) of water every single day to keep your hydration levels where they need to be.

2. Wash your hands.

Your hands come into contact with thousands of things everyday—from computer keyboards and telephones to door knobs and coffee pots! Picking up germs on your hands is extremely easy, so make sure you’ve instilled the habit of washing your hands frequently. For bonus points, use anti-bacterial soap!

3. Eat well.

Diets play a huge role in your overall health and quality of life. Nourishing your body with foods rich in vitamins and minerals can make all the difference in your day-to-day wellness! Eating an abundance of whole, organic foods will help your body naturally fend off infections and illnesses. Instead of grabbing a muffin or that 2 o’ clock cup of coffee, choose foods that are rich in vitamin C: oranges, bell peppers, spinach, kale, strawberries and broccoli will do the trick.

4. Keep tissues available.

Sneezing spreads airborne germs, so always be sure to cover your mouth or sneeze into your elbow! Having a tissue handy is ideal, as well as keeping a little bottle of anti-bacterial gel handy to ensure your hands are germ-free at all times.

5. Drink herbal tea.

Did you know: herbal tea will help your immune system fight off germs and viruses? Herbal tea is a great healthy alternative to water—but make sure you’re still getting your daily 64 ounces of H2O.

6. Exercise often.

Daily exercise is more important than you think! Not only does exercise help you build cardio strength, but it also boosts your immunity. Get your body moving! Even something as effortless as a 20 minute walk can help you fight off illness.

7. Call in sick.

If you’re really sick, buck up and let your employer know! Nobody wants to lose a day of pay, but if you truly aren’t feeling well, it’s better to stay home. By going into work, you could potentially spread whatever you have to coworkers or, even worse, push yourself, only making you more sick!

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