5 Ways To Keep Your Office Clean Between Professional Cleanings

A clean workspace can make a huge difference in the operation and efficiency of your business—not only does it make your employees more comfortable and respectful, but it adds to the overall professionalism of your office. In general, your office’s layout, décor, openness, organization and cleanliness can tell a lot about your business and its standards!

When you’re in need of professional cleaning services, you know you can turn to CFM Service Corp. But what can you do to ensure your workspace stays clean and organized in between professional cleanings?

Clean Workstation

Develop a filing system.

Without a doubt, having a place for everything ensures that clutter is kept to a minimum. Technology makes filing easier than ever: you can now scan paper documents to store electronically or keep your files on a server in the cloud. Not only will a filing system help de-clutter, but it will make documents more easily accessible so you can find the information you need when you need it.

Don’t eat at your desk.

Although it’s tempting to sit down at your desk and surf the web while you eat your lunch, eating at your desk isn’t a good idea! Taking your lunch break at your desk can be pretty messy and may appear unprofessional to clients. Not to mention, keeping your equipment free from crumbs and trash will ensure they remain in proper working order.

Tidy common areas.

Lobbies, restrooms and kitchens should always be kept tidy. Spaces that generate more traffic are bound to get a little messy and will need a little regular cleaning—don’t leave all of your cleaning to the professionals! Look at each space through the eyes of a guest in your building to make sure your first impression is a good one. Are there dishes in the kitchen sink? Discarded papers in the lobby? Are all of the trash cans in your bathroom full? Keeping up with small office chores can make a huge difference.

Make trash & recycling bins easily accessible.

Take a good look at your office: is there a paper recycling bin next to the copy machine and printer? A trash can in the kitchen? A plastics bin next to the vending machine? Appropriately placing bins for trash and recyclable products will guarantee less trash around the office.

Keep desks and counters clean.

Before your employees leave for the day, encourage them to do a quick wipe down of their own workspaces. Taking a minute or two to rid desks and countertops of dust, dirt and smudges will prevent your office from appearing dirty in between professional cleanings. Not to mention, it will help keep germs at bay!

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