4 Quick & Simple Steps To Make Your Office Winter-Ready

The temperatures have finally started to drop, which means the winter weather isn’t far behind. As autumn quickly sets in, now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting your office ready for winter! Ensuring the overall comfort of your office and staff is easy if you prepare early.

Make sure your heating system is up-to-date.

When was the last time you used your heating system—or better yet, had maintenance on your heating system? Having your maintenance staff do a once-over to make sure your HVAC is ready for winter can make all the difference! A clean, properly inspected heating system will ensure you and your employees stay warm and comfortable all season long.

Keep an eye on the outdoors.

Are you ready for ice, snow and sleet? It’s imperative that you keep all of your parking lots and entryways safe for employees. The day after a snow storm isn’t really the ideal time to start worrying about snow supplies—stock up now! And keep in mind: we can help make your life a little easier with our stand-by snow removal services.

Prepare for winter colds and the flu.

Knock out germs by making sure you have plenty of tissues, hand sanitizer and disinfecting located throughout the office. Just a few quick preventative measures can help keep everyone in your office healthy and germ-free! You can even take an extra step by implementing a mandatory office-wide flu shot policy.

Keep your staff comfortable.

If you have several employees, you know how hard it is to keep everyone happy. Are you prepared for the wild swings in temperature that inevitably exist between your staff members? Once you crank up the heat, someone will be too warm while someone else is still cold! Keeping a wide range of desktop and freestanding fans and space heaters may be a smart solution to this issue, so make sure you have a few on hand. After all, happy employees are productive employees!

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