This Season’s Top 4 Environmentally-Friendly Efforts to Encourage in Your Office

With the arrival of fall and winter comes cooler weather and, ultimately, more expenses and higher utility bills. But cutting down on costs this season isn’t as difficult as you’d think. In fact, there are some quick, simple steps you can take to encourage your coworkers and employees to be more efficient and eco-friendly.

Additionally, you can help improve your public standing by showing you care about things bigger than your success; a green business is something most employees want to work for and consumers want to support.

This season, encourage your employees to:

Carpool, bus, walk or bike to work instead of driving solo.

Finding other modes of transportation is obviously great for the environment, but it’s wallet-friendly, too! Carpooling can help you save on gas by splitting costs; walking or biking will allow you to take advantage of the weather and can help cut out the gas expense all together. No to mention, if you end up eliminating the use of your with alternative modes, you’ll end up saving money on vehicle maintenance!

Use a reusable cup or glass in the workplace.

Paper cups are a one-time-use expense you can definitely cut if your employees are willing to do their part. Cooler weather means more hot beverages, and a reusable container will help keep drinks warmer, longer! Ask your employees to bring in their own cup for drinks. This season, you might want to implement an incentive for doing so—such as discounted coffee and hot tea.

Wear warmer clothes so you can save on heating costs.

If employees are willing to dress appropriately, you could potentially turn down the thermostat a degree or two. If the weather doesn’t get too cold, you might even be able to open up the windows and let fresh air in. Send a memo explaining this idea and your reasons behind it. Ask employees to wear warmer clothes, but don’t let your building get too chilly. Your office should always be above 68°.

Embrace & take advantage of 100% post-consumer recycled products.

Buying and using recycled paper, cardboard and other commonly-used products can help close the gap between what you recycle and what you use. Encourage your employees to recycle—from paper to computer disks to glass. Not only will your company be doing its part for the environment by conserving landfill space and reducing pollution, but it’ll help you save money in the long run. It’s also a good idea to reuse any materials as possible around the office—this includes boxes, folders and scrap paper.

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