Top 10 Snow Shoveling Tips

By now you know snow removal is an expected and inevitable chore. A thick blanket of snow can make performing everyday functions extremely difficult. But with a few tips, a little practice and a lot patience, it’s amazing how efficient you can be with just your hands and an ordinary show shovel!

Shoveling Snow Winter

Don’t overdress.

Yes, you need to stay warm, but overdressing will have you sweating in no time. Dress in loose-fitting layers that you can peel off as you get into shoveling.

Stretch first.

Keep in mind, stretching makes all the difference. Stretch the same way a runner, mountain biker or athlete would: focus on your hamstrings, back and shoulders. Once you’ve begun shoveling, pace yourself! Start slowly.

Maintain proper posture.

We’ve all heard the saying, “lift with your legs, not your back.” Well, that applies to shoveling snow, too! Use your leg muscles as much as possible and push snow when you can. Keep your back straight, hold the shovel as close to your upper body as possible and don’t twist when throwing snow.

Don’t move snow twice.

Before you begin shoveling, decide where you’re going to dump the snow. Remember: don’t block snow that needs to be removed by piling it in a way that will force you to move it twice! This will only make the process more difficult and time-consuming.

Start with cars & surfaces.

To avoid moving snow twice, you’ll want to start by cleaning any cars and surfaces. Brush these areas first and then clear around, moving the snow into piles.

Move snow the shortest distance possible.

Choose a center point and move the snow from the center to the nearest edge. Form one large pile as you go.

Do the foreground, then the background.

Start by shoveling a strip clear along the perimeter of the area you’re shoveling, moving from the center to the edge. Push the snow into a cleared area and then lift and throw the snow out of the area.

Don’t use too much de-icer.

Once an area is clear, you’ll need to scatter some de-icer to keep it that way. Don’t go overboard! You’ll only need a thin layer. If you’re scattering by hand, throw salt, pellets or granules low along the ground so they fall into a thin, uniform layer.

Stretch when you’re done.

Once you’ve finished shoveling, stretch gently and use an ice pack to soothe inflamed muscles. Rest and remain hydrated.

Maintain your equipment.

Don’t forget to take care of your equipment! Once you’ve shoveled and rested, use a hammer to straighten out your shovel if it gets bent. You can also tighten loose handles by driving a large metal screw through the blade socket and into the handle.

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