Combating Restroom Odors Caused By Floor Drains

restroom floor drainEven though your bathrooms may be clean, bacteria living within floor drains may interfere with that image. These bacteria may cause unpleasant odors in restrooms that are otherwise totally hygienic.

Cleaning Floor Drains

Anytime your cleaning service uses a germicidal detergent for general floor cleaning, they should pour any remaining solution down the floor drains. This should be done daily and will help combat any odor-causing bacteria and germs.

There are also foaming cleaners for drain maintenance that can be used on a daily basis to tackle germs around and inside the drain.

Depending upon the size and traffic of your bathroom, mechanical drain cleaners are also available. These devices inject cleaner into the drain on a periodic basis to provide round the clock germ-killing power.

Controlling Restroom Odors with Fragrance

If you

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